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Great White GW-12 DC Protein Skimmer - 158 to 400 gallons

Great White GW-12 DC Protein Skimmer - 158 to 400 gallons

Great White

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Great White DC-12 Protein Skimmer


  • Size - 8.74 x 6.74 x 23
  • Recommended Water Height - 6 to 8 inches
  • Air Intake - 800lph or 211 gph
  • Light Bioload - 400g
  • Medium Bioload - 300g
  • Heavy Bioload - 158g

Huge Upgrades Include

  • Ultra wide neck for even more reaction time and water volume without affecting footprint
  • DC Pumps for ultra-silent and precise control
  • Built-in silencer within the neck ring
  • Extra long waste tube and tap for collection cup

Each model includes:

  • DC pump included Made from ultra-high quality acrylic
  • Steady, consistent bubbles for maximum protein removal
  • Adjustment valve for precise water pressure
  • Needle wheel style skimming
  • Large and easy to remove cup for cleaning
  • 40 Decibel rating- nothing like it for silence
  • In- Sump Design

These skimmers are manufactured using heavy-duty acrylic to ensure longevity, and all come equipped with the ultra silent, ultra efficient DC pumps which are fully controllable. As for skimming power, there is nothing like it. Millions of tiny bubbles are produced every second, holding huge amounts of proteins and tank gunk that are easily captured and removed in the extra-large collection chamber. Each product has been rigorously tested in the toughest tank conditions, and these protein skimmers by Dalua are nothing short of exceptional. And they are super quiet, less decibels than any comparable model.

Backed by the first-class customer service and post-sales assistance offered at DALUA. Your tank will never feel cleaner and your fish and coral never happier.

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