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Illumagic X4 Reef Aquarium LED Light

Illumagic X4 Reef Aquarium LED Light


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The Illumagic X4 is an LED aquarium light fixture that is powered by the DALUA ECOSYSYTEM app. It has a square design that is 9.6 inches and 1.49 inches thick. The Illumagic X4 use silicone lenses that come with a lifetime warranty.

Designed for versatility. The perfect square, sized at 9.6" and paper thin at 1,49", allows you to add more units as your aquariums and corals grow bigger.

Stop looking at watts and start looking at usable watts. Every single Illumagic X4 lighting system has a maximum loss of only 12.5% energy wasted to heat. Look at the 2 biggest brands below and the amount of wasted energy not converted to light. Some other points to consider:

Burnt lenses hurt PAR massively. Illumagic lenses never burn, lifetime guarantee. Zero par loss with our stock standard DBR lenses forever

Why pay for heat? Excess watts are priced at a diminishing return. Illumagic is the coolest (and we don't mean hip) lighting system on the market

Unusable colors that you turn down are all contributing to excess watts that you'll never use. The Illumagic spectrum is perfectly chosen for minimal watts wastage due to unused spectrums

Not all watts are created equal. Be smart, and choose the most efficient watts, especially in this current economic and energy scarce climate

A spectrum array like never before. Silicone lenses that come with a lifetime warranty. 24/7 reef realism, all powered by the DALUA ECOSYSYTEM app.


Reef realism is here. With over 1,000 data points collected and constantly downloaded into your device daily. Natural coral respite is now automatic. No need to enter the same time points each day. Let mother nature do her thing randomly, as it should be.


Every aquarium, controllable, at the touch of your finger.

Share and invite access to your lights

Automatic reconnect if wifi ever drops Control your aquarium from anywhere in the world Download and view your favorite reefers schedules instantly


Effortlessly take pictures of your corals without having to mess up your schedules with WYSIWYG camera mode within the instant control screen. Simply toggle your spectrum for that perfect shot, press the camera button within the app, and instantly upload to your favorite socials and platforms. This is a must for the avid collector and at home fragger.

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