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Sicce XSTREAM 3500 - 925 GPH Wave Pump Powerhead

Sicce XSTREAM 3500 - 925 GPH Wave Pump Powerhead


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XStream wave pumps represent the latest generation of compact stream pumps delivering powerful flow rates with low running operating costs. This small, powerful and energy-efficient line is designed and Made in Italy to rigorous quality standards to ensure high performance, long lasting reliability, and user-friendly maintenance.

  • 360°rotation of the pump for an easy positioning according to custom exigences.
  • Magnet support with extra rubber to prevent vibrations. Magnet mounting for glass up to 20 mm.
  • Wide and gentle flow ideal for corals in a EXTRA SMALL size pump.


Key Features


3500 - 5000 - 6500 - 8000

In water application

Easy to clean

Self cleaning impeller

Stainless steel AISI 316 shaft + ceramic bearings

Chewsafe spiral cord cover

Wide and gentle flow

Extremely compact

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